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Electromagnetic pest repellant

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Electromagnetic pest repellent effectively repel mice, rats, spiders, ants, roaches and other pesky rodents and insects without chemicals or traps. Electromagnetic pest repellent is designed to work through the wiring within the walls to emits a signal that will drive pests away. Pest repellant uses both ultrasonic sound waves and electromagnetic technology.

  • The outlet feature on the side allows you to use this pest repeller without losing plug space.
  • Each Electromagnetic pest repellent unit protects one level of an average size home. 1 1/8″D x 5″L x 3 1/2″W.
  • No harmful chemicals and is odor free. Electromagnetic pest repellent is Ideal for home and office use.  

Specification: Voltage: 110 – 220V Frequency: 50Hz – 60Hz Dimensions: 10 x5.2x 2.5cm (LxWxT) Audio: 20 ~ 60 KHz Item weight: 47g/pc Plug Style: EU    


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