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Kegel Exercise Smart

 Kegel Balls are small ball shaped weights that are used since ancient times for sexual stimulation (by inserting them into the vagina) and to exercise the pelvic floor muscles (Kegel exercises). Kegel exercise ball is developed to strengthen, stimulate and … Readmore

Ben Wa Vaginal

The Ben Wa balls promoting strengthened vaginal muscles. This product can be effectively exercising the vagina muscles so that it can play the contraction of the vagina. Inside each ball, there is a metal rolling weight that creates a natural … Readmore

3 Pieces Set

The Vagina Kegel balls massage and stimulate vaginal and pelvic floor muscles, it help new mothers recover from childbirth. Vagina Kegel Balls is a sex toy for women, it massages, excites and helps to stimulate sexual pleasure between both partners. … Readmore

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