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Mr. Tea Silicone

Tea strainer and infuser helps you save waste and add a little excitement to your tea time with Mr. Tea Silicone Tea Infuser. The 100% BPA-free infuser is constructed from silicone, which is soft, made from food-safe material and flavorless. … Readmore

Fruit Infusing Water

The fruit Infuser water bottle, with fruit basket holder, allows you to add your favorite fruit flavors to water. The bottle is made of a highly durable Tritan BPA free plastic which is stain and odor resistant. The fruit basket … Readmore

5pcs Strawberry Tea

The Tea Bag Strainer allows you to infuse your tea as many times as you wish. This is a convenient way to sip your tea. It is easy to clean and looks cute.  Leave the tea in the strainer and … Readmore

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