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Scratch Repair Pen

The Scratch Repair Pen easily repairs light scratches to your vehicle no matter the color. It is an amazing tool that saves money in scratch repair bills. It fills the protective surface above the paint that gets scratched off when … Readmore

Microfiber Wash Cleaning

This Car Wash Glove is soft, comfortable for the hands. Aids in thorough and scratch free cleaning.It is made of microfiber chenille material and mesh internal lining to prevent tears. It is easy to wash and dry after each use.It can be used either wet or dry for washing, dusting, … Readmore

Do-It-Yourself Car Windshield

The Windshield Crack Repair Kit is specially designed to provide vehicle owners the needed tools to repair small damages in laminated automotive glass windshields. It reduces the appearance of cracks and chips and prevents them from spreading. The advanced resin … Readmore

Car Scratches Repair

The Scratches Remover helps to remove mild scratches on the paint and other attachments such as tar and glue. It is non toxic so no need to worry about harming your health. Portable and easy to use for instant brightening. … Readmore

Car Headlight Polish

The car headlight spray is a polishing repair agent to help remove scratches from car headlights and give a stunning bright light. It helps to restore the dull and cloudy lenses of your car headlights thereby increasing safety while driving … Readmore

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