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WD136B Digital Multimeter

The handheld Digital Multi Meter (DMM) with multi-function is a universal measurement tool that is widely used in schools, laboratories, factories and other social field. The battery operated device has low battery indicator and auto power off after seconds of inactivity. … Readmore

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Non-Invasive Inductive Moisture

Detect Moisture of different hard materials like drywall, masonry, softwood, hardwood etc. It give audio alarm if reading is out of range. Moisture display result is displayed on LCD and LED bars. Measure moisture without damaging the surface. Ideal use … Readmore

Non-Contact Medical Forhead

Non-contact digital thermometer is lightweight and easy to operate. Infrared laser digital thermometer is equipped with a red laser pointer for precise aiming. Non-contact measure human body temperature and other surface temperature of hot, hazardous or difficult to reach object … Readmore

Mini Digital LCD

This small digital thermometer is designed for use in refrigerators, freezers and chillers.Get accurate temperature readings with this miniature digital thermometer which has a simple design, unobtrusive design and a clear and easy to read LCD display.It is simple, elegant … Readmore

Laser distance measuring

A perfect tool to quickly know the distance, area and volume of an area. It can measure distances in a straight-line from 1.5 Feet to 60 Feet or 0.45m to 18.288m. It has addition and subtraction calculation feature.Distance measuring device … Readmore

Infrared laser digital

Infrared laser digital thermometer is lightweight and easy to operate. Infrared laser digital thermometer is equipped with a red laser pointer for precise aiming. It helps measure surface temperature of hot, hazardous or difficult to reach object without contact. Just … Readmore

Handheld Portable Frequency

Frequency counter can continually test analog radio signal like handheld radio, wireless phone and other devices It displays frequency parameter with the signal strength. It is the best tool for signal testing and radio maintenance. Specification Frequency: 200Khz, 1Khz, 100hz.Resolution … Readmore

Handheld AC/DC Digital

The Digital Clamp Meter can measure AC and DC current, AC and DC voltages, resistance, diode, frequency, temperature and it also fulfill audible continuity test with the function of phase indication and identifying live wire. It has three range settings … Readmore

Hand held Fruits/Beer/Wine

Optical handheld refractometer is for measuring the sugar content of beer, fruits, vegetables and grasses. It includes an automatic temperature compensation of 10 – 30 degree Celsius. Optical handheld refractometer can replace your hydrometer for easier and more accurate measurements. … Readmore

Garden Soil Moisture

A multi functional device for measuring soil moisture, PH and light meter Outdoor/Indoor use and no batteries needed Moisture Sensor lets you know the humidity of the soil. It has 8 inch metal stem for penetrating to root level Simply … Readmore

Electromagnetic Radiation Detector

Ideal for environmental electromagnetic radiation testing i.e. bedroom, office, computer room, control room, cable, power lines, monitors, transmitters and other sources of measurement. Measures electrical appliances, wires and industrial equipment around the intensity of electromagnetic radiation. Two types of bandwidth … Readmore

Ear Thermometer

Safe means of measuring human body temperature through the ear, great for babies and all family members, It has fast reading time (Once second quick read ear thermometer). It is handy when checking temperature multiple times. Easy to use. Ear thermometer … Readmore

Digital Thermostat Temperature

Microprocessor PID temperature controller with temperature control digits display protection and timer function ensures a precise and reliable temperature control. With large and clear LCD display for readability. Compatible with heating and cooling control.Control temperature by setting the temperature setting … Readmore

Digital Sound Level

Sound level meter is handy ,easy-to-use and a great instrument for measuring and monitoring noise and sound in any environment, including work place ,factory, traffic, homes and audio system control in worship places. Sound level meter is compact and portable. … Readmore

Digital Shore Durometer

Durometer for sale In Nigeria. Durometer is typically used as a measure of hardness in polymers, elastomers, and rubbers. It is used to determine the hardness of a material to deformation. It is a pocket sized digital durometer with round … Readmore

Digital Mini USB

With the Mini dynamic Digital Microscope, you can take pictures and record video for additional study. It comes with 8 built-in Led lights to illuminate inspection area. It possesses an interior white LED to light up objects to the max. … Readmore

Digital LCD Light/Lux

The digital light meter allows you to measure the lighting in an area. High Accuracy and rapid response. The digital lux meter can measure up to 50,000 lux(5,000 foot-candles approx.).  Data Hold and Low battery alert Over-range indication LCD Display function. … Readmore

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Digital LCD Coating/Painting

This paint thickness meter is designed to not-destructively measure the thickness of non-magnetic coatings (including paint, enamel, plastic, epoxy, etc.) on iron, steel or aluminum. The Paint Test Equipment Coating Thickness Meter easily measures all coatings on metallic substrates using … Readmore

Digital Laser Non-Contact

The digital laser tachometer measures rotations, (RPM) revolution per minute. It is featured with high accuracy measurement, quick measuring time and long detecting distance up to 500 mm (20 inch) with Laser. Measures the rotational speed with a visible red … Readmore

Digital Humidity Temperature

Humidity /temperature clock displays temperature, humidity and time at the same time. It samples measured data at random and has a 12-hour/24-hour optional function. It has a °C/°F temperature unit selectable function. Humidity /temperature clock has Alarm and calendar function. … Readmore

Digital Humidity Meter

Digital humidity meter/hygrometer display temperature, humidity and time simultaneously. It has large LCD display allows for easy reading. Digital Humidity Meter /Hygrometer has low power consumption and integral-hour alarm function. Digital Humidity Meter /Hygrometer possess high stability & accuracy. 12-hour … Readmore

Digital Hand-held Wind

Anemometer is very small and light. It has a large easy-to-read LCD display with backlight. Anemometer has high precision pressure sensor. It has a quick response and an external thermistor. Anemometer has auto and manual power on/ off. It also … Readmore

Diamond/Gem Tester Selector

Perfect place to check Diamond Tester Price and availability In Nigeria.  Diamond/gem tester is a state-of-the-art technology assuring quick- accurate readings to determine if a stone is a real diamond or a fake. Diamond/gem tester possess linear display for increased … Readmore

8 In 1

All in one Digital Altimeter, barometer and digital compass device. Ideal for weather forecast function. It has clock, calendar and thermometer functions. Digital altimeter is based on the technology of electronic bearing sensor and barometric sensor. Digital altimeter possess 5 … Readmore

360degree digital inclinometer

    Get a cheap and quality  digital inclinometer in Nigeria with no hassle. This Digital Protractor (angle measuring device) can be used to measure angles within ±180° (0 ~ 360°) range in wide variety of applications. Base plate has … Readmore

30cm Universal Combination

The 30cm Universal Combination Square can be used as outside and inside try square, meter square, depth and height marking gauge. It has both metric and imperial graduations. It also features a perfect heavy duty and high quality die cast … Readmore

200,000 Lux Digital

Lux/Light meter is widely used in engineering measurement, maintenance, monitoring, school experiments etc. Lux meter has laser pointer for accurate target aiming. It has back-light display feature function Max and Min reading hold function supported. Lux/Light  meter has unit selection … Readmore

150mm LCD Electronic

Electronic Digital Caliper is made of hardened stainless steel and high grade components with extremely accurate assembly tolerances It can measure internal, external and height dimensions easily. It has linear capacitive measuring system and zero setting in any position with … Readmore

12V LED Digital

Suitable for 12V lead acid batteries, hardtop batteries, discharge batteries and maintenance free batteries. Tests 12 volt batteries and analyzes by measuring multiple parameters within the battery to deliver accurate results. It possesses heavy duty insulated clamps. Its live voltmeter … Readmore

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