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150mm LCD Electronic Digital Caliper Vernier

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Electronic Digital Caliper is made of hardened stainless steel and high grade components with extremely accurate assembly tolerances It can measure internal, external and height dimensions easily. It has linear capacitive measuring system and zero setting in any position with a small locking thumb screw which locks the jaws in place. It has base measuring function consisting Inside, outside, depth and step measuring. Electronic digital caliper has large easy to read LCD display.An ideal tool for a broad range of industrial and automotive applications.

  • It convert between Inch fractions to 1/128″, Inches to 0.0005″ & Millimeters to 0.01mm Metric conversion function & zero buttons at any position.
  • Screw lock can lock the caliper at a set dimension for multiple measurements Great for measuring tolerances in the positive and negative.


Size: 240 x 80 x 12mm. Battery life: 1 year for continuous usage / 3 years under normal operation.
Measuring range: 0¨C150 mm/ 0¨C6 inch. Resolution: 0.01mm/ 0.0005 in.


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