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Hand held Fruits/Beer/Wine Brix Refractometer

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Optical handheld refractometer is for measuring the sugar content of beer, fruits, vegetables and grasses. It includes an automatic temperature compensation of 10 – 30 degree Celsius. Optical handheld refractometer can replace your hydrometer for easier and more accurate measurements.

  • It gives an instant gravity readings at any point during the boil, or run off from the mash.
  • No need to convert reading from Brix to specific gravity or do an adjustment in temperature.
  • Unlike a hydrometer, it only requires a very small amount of sample, about 2-3 drops of sample only.  


Measuring Range: 0-32%Brix; SG: 1.000-1.130. Brix Scale 1.000 ~ 1.130 Wort Specific Gravity. Measuring accuracy : 0.2%Brix; 0.001sg Brix Min. Div.:0.2%Brix; 0.001sg. Full range 0 to 32% Brix scale with 0.2% scale division .Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC): 10°C~30°C (50°F~86°F) .Weight:220g 


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