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Rechargeable Mosquito Bug

Eliminate pesky bugs in an instant with this innovative mosquito/bug zapper Catch bugs easily with this unique tennis bat design with an electrical surface. Suitable for use in kitchen,bedroom,during family vacation outdoor when fishing, camping and barbecuing. It is safe, … Readmore

Mosquito Killer/Repellent Light

100% brand new and high quality mosquito repellent lamp is an effective and fast method of getting rid of mosquitoes, pesky bugs, flies and other insects in your home. The mosquito bulb uses human bionic technology which help to increase … Readmore

Electric Mosquito Repellent

This mosquito repellent killer has an amazing power to defeat mosquitoes, with the aid of series of photo catalyst lights in which mosquitoes find it tempting and get attracted to the trap, the fan sucks the mosquitoes inside and stop … Readmore


The Mosquito Repellent Band is made with safe silicone material that is non-toxic and harmless to the body. Made with natural extracts, has no side effects making it safe for your child. It is also environmentally friendly, easy to use. … Readmore

30pieces Mosquito Repellant

The mosquito repellent bracelet is the smartest and classy way to repel insects, no need for messy sprays or lotion. Bugs Lock is an all-natural mosquito repellent wrist or ankle band that uses citronella oil to repel mosquitoes. Simply loop … Readmore

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