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Xforce Rat Glue

Xforce mouse glue trap is made of high quality glue, with strongly adhesive odorless.which is ready to use safe. It is reusable, environmental friendly, perfect for homes, bars, restaurants, and so on. Easily used by opening the mouse trap carefully … Readmore

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Tuffcat Mouse Trap(2pcs

TUFF CAT Mouse Trap is easy to use, effective and hygienic. The trap is made of quality materials. Comes with 2 traps 3,5×1,8 inches each. The TUFF CAT mouse trap is made of a steel spring, so it can be … Readmore

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Reusable Rat Mouse

Best mouse strap suitable for both indoor and outdoor mice strap. It is easy to use and set. This removable bait can be set up by putting a eatable food on the bait cup, and keep the trap clamp open, … Readmore

Push Out Rat

Push out rat poison eliminate those rat in your home, offices, restaurants, bars etc. It is an approved EPA rodenticide which contains zinc phosphide and has been proven to be effective against rodents. Push out rat poison can be mixed … Readmore

Kill Rat Rodenticide(10pieces)

This Rodenticide is an EPA approved rodenticde that contains zinc phosphide and has been proven to be effective against rodents. Mix kill rat rodenticide with food as bait and place in lockers, and known areas of infestation. Upon absorption, in … Readmore

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Commando Rat Posion/Rodenticide(10pcs)

Commando rat poison is an effective single dosage serious rodenticide. It contains zinc phosphide that reacts with acids and moisture in rodents stomach in order to release phosphine gas that helps kills the rodents. The poison is economical and efficiently … Readmore

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