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Ultrasonic Pest Repelling Aid is eco-friendly and has an applicable area of about 20-50 square meters. Effectively repel rodents, pest and insects without traps or chemicals. Designed to work using both ultrasonic sound and electromagnetic technology. Contains no harmful chemicals … Readmore


The Snake and Insect Bite Kit is a small reusable vacuum pump that helps draw venom from below your skin in 1 quick move. It comes with four different sized plastic suction cups to cover various sized bites or stings. … Readmore

Laser Reflective Hanging

Garden Laser Reflective Fake Owl is perfect for keeping unwanted pests and birds off your property. Easy to use, all you have to do is spin in the air to create strong reflections scaring birds away from the environment. It produces brightly colored pillared metalized light … Readmore

Garden Solar Power

Solar Rodent/Pest Repellent is powered by solar energy making use of pulsing vibration waves keeps voles, gophers, snakes or other rodents from invading the lawn, garden and yards permanently. It repels and radiates in all directions with frequency of 400HZ … Readmore

Electromagnetic pest repellant

Electromagnetic pest repellent effectively repel mice, rats, spiders, ants, roaches and other pesky rodents and insects without chemicals or traps. Electromagnetic pest repellent is designed to work through the wiring within the walls to emits a signal that will drive pests … Readmore

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