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Garden Solar Power Ultrasonic Rodent/Snake Repellent

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Solar Rodent/Pest Repellent is powered by solar energy making use of pulsing vibration waves keeps voles, gophers, snakes or other rodents from invading the lawn, garden and yards permanently. It repels and radiates in all directions with frequency of 400HZ to 1000HZ and effective range of 6000 square feet or 650 square meters.

It is made of durable ABS plastic and corrosion-proof aluminum and is completely weatherproof, it runs in the sun during the day and powered by an internal rechargeable NiCad solar charged battery at night for 24-hour-a-day protection. Solar Rodent/Pest Repellent  is chemical free , environmentally-friendly ,safe for children and household pets Produces a sonic pulse that human and pets can barely hear, but it makes burrowing rodents run to safer ground away from your lawn and garden.

This environmentally-friendly device produces a sonic pulse that you and your pets can barely hear, but it makes burrowing rodents run to safer ground away from your lawn and garden. It covers a 6,000 square foot area.

 Installation Steps

  • Choose a location between your house and the rodent hole to install the  repellent, choose a flat or leveled area in your chosen location. If your chosen location has any elevation changes, choose the lowest area in that location instead. Do not insert your repellent in a pre-existing mole hole.
  • Dig a hole and make sure you bury the stake as deep as possible. Pack any loose soil surrounding the stake, and make sure the stake is firmly imbedded in solid soil.
  • For best results, install the rodent/pest repellent every 6-10 feet inline from your chosen location.Gradually move the repellent forward to slowly drive the moles away from your land.
  • You may relocate the repellent in a more aesthetically pleasing manner around the perimeter of your land after the rodents have been driven away, but still keep the 6-10 feet spacing, so the moles do not return. 
  • A device powered by solar energy, making use of pulsing vibration waves to repel snakes, moles, voles, etc Eliminate underground rodents from your lawn and garden using the power of the sun.


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