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Vinash Pre-Plant,Pre-Emergence&Post-Emergence Herbicide(Glyphosate)1

Vinash herbicide is a chemical used for non-selective weed, controls variety of fruit trees, tomatoes, field crops, forestry, ornamentals, sugar cane and other non-crop fields. It is applied in a foliar way, total agricultural herbicide with quick translocation throughout the … Readmore

Slasher Paraquat Dichloride

 It contains an active ingredient known as paraquat dichloride. Effective against broad leaved weeds and grass. Systemic herbicide kills weeds and grasses down to the roots. No toxic residual in soils. Broad spectrum, non-selective herbicide. Do not use on lawns … Readmore

Glycel Non-Selective Post-Emergent

Glycel is a systemic, ,non-selective broad spectrum post emergent herbicide. It is effective in controlling all weeds including annuals, perennials, grassy, broad leaf weeds and sedges. Most widely used brand in non-crop & tea plantation. Glycel is a  widely used … Readmore

Force Up Pre-Plant

Force Up is a non-selective, systemic, foliar-applied agricultural herbicide with fast translocation throughout the plant. This herbicide is a perfect control of the most stubborn annual and perennial grasses and broad-leaved weeds   Force up chemical can be applied under … Readmore

Dragon Non-Selective Herbicide(Paraquat)1

Dragon herbicide is a strong chemical that kills a wide variety of harmful grasses, broad-leaves when it is directly sprayed on the leaves. It contains an active ingredient known as paraquat dichloride 276g which is easily absorbed by clay hence … Readmore

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