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Dragon Non-Selective Herbicide(Paraquat)1 Litre

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Dragon herbicide is a strong chemical that kills a wide variety of harmful grasses, broad-leaves when it is directly sprayed on the leaves. It contains an active ingredient known as paraquat dichloride 276g which is easily absorbed by clay hence divide particles in the soil and leaves with little effective soil residue.


  • The herbicide helps the crops that are immediately planted not to be harmed by getting rids of the weeds after been sprayed.
  • It contains an effective ingredients called paraquat with 24 percent w / w.
  • Dragon is referred as a chemical agent which aids in destroying or inhibiting the growth of unwelcome plants like agricultural or residential weeds and invasive species.
  • Dragon should not be mixed with other items, as it has an active ingredient that quickly gets rid of the weeds.
  • Dragon can be sprayed in a grassland and even in cultivated land, It is recommended to be done before ploughing, while in general crops, it should be done on weeds at 2-3 leaf phases.
  • 3.4 liters of dragon should be applied per hectare.


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