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Glycel Non-Selective Post-Emergent Herbicide(Glyphosate) 1 Litre

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  • Glycel is a systemic, ,non-selective broad spectrum post emergent herbicide.
  • It is effective in controlling all weeds including annuals, perennials, grassy, broad leaf weeds and sedges.
  • Most widely used brand in non-crop & tea plantation.
  • Glycel is a  widely used herbicide which has become an integral part of modern farming.
  • It contains glyphosate 41% SL (IPA Salt).


How It Works

  1. Glycel works by being absorbed into the plant mainly through its leaves but also through soft stalk tissue.
  2. It is then transported throughout the plant where it acts on various enzyme systems inhibiting amino acid metabolism known as the shikimic acid pathway needed for plant growth.
  3. This pathway with Glycel slowly dies over a period of days or weeks, and because the chemical is transported throughout the plant, no part survives.


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