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Ultrasonic Tape Measure

This Ultrasonic Distance and Area Laser Measuring Device is excellent for taking accurate measurements and extremely easy to use.It allows you to measure, store, and calculate distances.Quick distance measurement of the length, the width and the height of the room.High … Readmore

Laser distance measuring

A perfect tool to quickly know the distance, area and volume of an area. It can measure distances in a straight-line from 1.5 Feet to 60 Feet or 0.45m to 18.288m. It has addition and subtraction calculation feature.Distance measuring device … Readmore

Digital Laser Distance

The Laser distance meter is specially designed to measure the distance precisely.This meter can make use of Pythagorean Theorem to measure distances or lengths indirectly when direct measurement is not feasible.Quick measurement of distance, area and volume with one button operation.Display illumination and multi-line … Readmore


This Digital Distance Measuring Rolling Wheel lets you measure lengthy distances fast and effortlessly.It has easy-to-read digital LCD display.It measures up to 10000 meters, has metric and inch dual system, it also features a contracting handgrip that can be modified … Readmore


The Digital Laser Range Finder can be used to measure distance, area and volume accurately and easily. It has a wide measuring range of 100m high accuracy up to ±1.5mm. In addition, this meter can make use of pythagorean indirect … Readmore

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This innovative wheel features a gear shaft driven counter placed above the wheel. It is a versatile measuring wheel that can be used to measure curved, horizontal and vertical surfaces and it offers a counter reset on the handle and … Readmore

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