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Electric Mosquito Repellent Killer

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This mosquito repellent killer has an amazing power to defeat mosquitoes, with the aid of series of photo catalyst lights in which mosquitoes find it tempting and get attracted to the trap, the fan sucks the mosquitoes inside and stop them from escaping.

  • The mosquito repellent features new-style 360mn UV light that attract mosquitoes, and produce spiral airflow which imbibes the mosquitoes into trap and instantly dry and kill them.
  • The repellent killer is designed in an elegant form to match with any kind of interior decoration, and comes with great quality USB cable and power adapter
  • The mosquito repellent does not use any chemical, pesticides which are harmful for human body, it combines both physical optics and pressure principles to get rid of mosquitoes.
  • It save energy and runs with small power of 3.5W and 5V low voltage DC supply.
  • It can be easily used in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, restaurants, wash room, schools or offices.


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