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Ear Thermometer

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Safe means of measuring human body temperature through the ear, great for babies and all family members, It has fast reading time (Once second quick read ear thermometer). It is handy when checking temperature multiple times. Easy to use.

  • Ear thermometer has flashing light and beeper function. It has soft, flexible tip with filter detector.
  • Ear thermometer has large easy-to-read digital display, automatically shuts off in one minute of non-operation.
  • The thermometer stores and recalls the last 10 readings, It measures in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.


Display Range: 34.0°C-44.0°C (93.2°F-111.2°F).Memory: 10 memories. Accuracy: ±0.2°C (±0.4°F). Battery: Lithium battery (CR2032) 


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