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Wide Angle Full

G-sensor function for detecting significant emergency movement and securely locking the video file being recorded at the time. The DVR dash camera easily affixes to your dashboard and can be angled to either match the driver’s view or it can be … Readmore

Universal Gravity Air

The Car Phone Holder and Stand is suitable for most phones within 3.5in-6.5in. It’s stretchy arms can be adjusted 1.9in-3.7in. Gives you more convenience to charge and mount your phone in the car. The soft and non-slip silicone surface keeps … Readmore

Pops-A-Dent Car Dent

Repairing dents in your car, van or motorbike can only be easier with the Pops a Dent Repair Kit. It contains everything you need to get your vehicle looking as good as new without pricey garage or body shop repair bills. … Readmore


Our extra magnetic car phone holder was made with neodymium material. With the magnetic phone holder you can free your hands while driving,running, watching videos, taking a shower etc. Easily mount/remove your device by one hand in a second. Fits … Readmore

Do-It-Yourself Car Windshield

The Windshield Crack Repair Kit is specially designed to provide vehicle owners the needed tools to repair small damages in laminated automotive glass windshields. It reduces the appearance of cracks and chips and prevents them from spreading. The advanced resin … Readmore

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Digital LCD Coating/Painting

This paint thickness meter is designed to not-destructively measure the thickness of non-magnetic coatings (including paint, enamel, plastic, epoxy, etc.) on iron, steel or aluminum. The Paint Test Equipment Coating Thickness Meter easily measures all coatings on metallic substrates using … Readmore

Car Scratches Repair

The Scratches Remover helps to remove mild scratches on the paint and other attachments such as tar and glue. It is non toxic so no need to worry about harming your health. Portable and easy to use for instant brightening. … Readmore

Car Headlight Polish

The car headlight spray is a polishing repair agent to help remove scratches from car headlights and give a stunning bright light. It helps to restore the dull and cloudy lenses of your car headlights thereby increasing safety while driving … Readmore

Auto Parking System

The Car Reverse Radar Sensor System helps to prevent dangerous and costly collisions that occur so easily when behind the wheel. It helps provide increased safety for passengers, pedestrians, and family members who happen to be behind the moving vehicle. It … Readmore


Air Vent Car Mount Mobile Phone Holder has a 360degree rotation and a cradle-less feature which does not occupy space and enables you to view your device without any distracting arms or grips. Just insert it into the air vent … Readmore

3 Way Usb


3 Way Usb

This triple socket car DC cigarette lighter adapter with USB output helps you expand the power sockets in your car. With 3 car cigarette sockets and 1 USB power port, you can use it to charge all your devices, such as … Readmore

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