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Auto Parking System with 8 Alarm sensor / LED Display &Voice Alarm

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The Car Reverse Radar Sensor System helps to prevent dangerous and costly collisions that occur so easily when behind the wheel. It helps provide increased safety for passengers, pedestrians, and family members who happen to be behind the moving vehicle.

  • It has colored LED digital display and easy installation and 4 ultrasonic sensor system, double CPU and advanced chip-set for enhanced coverage and detection.
  • The Car Reverse Radar Sensor System Detect small children and low walls as well. It has adaptive environment technology, anti-freeze and rain proof.
  • It automatically engages as soon as you place your car into reverse. It has an embedded detector sensors (which requires installation into your rear bumper).


Rate voltage: 12V DC.Operating voltage range: 9V – 16V .Rate current:20mA -200mA. Ultrasonic frequency: 40KHz Detecting distance: 0 – 2.5m .Cable of LED display length: 5.0m.


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