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4Pcs Stainless Ice Cubes

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Food-grade stainless steel liquid-filled cubes are a non-diluting alternative to ice cubes. The stainless steel cubes are designed to cool drinks without watering them down like ice cubes. Contain a food grade chilling gel that becomes frozen, in the center of each cube, allowing for extended chilling time and minimal freezing time (1-2 hrs.) They are 100% Eco-friendly, odorless, tasteless, BPA free and approved by FDA.Great White Ice is able to provide a superior quality whiskey stone, unlike any other type on the market. It is reusable and will last forever.It can be used in any alcoholic or regular beverage – use them in whiskey, wine, pop, juice, protein shakes or any drink you would like to chill without dilution.

  • It makes a perfect gift for men and women.
  • Durable – Contain anti-bacterial and anti-rust properties.
  • Easy to clean – Dishwasher safe


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