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Air,Water,Food Ozone Generator/Sterilizer

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Ozone generator is the most efficient, Natural, Broad-Spectrum Microbiological control substance and very reactive sterilization agent. Embrace a healthier lifestyle and feel the benefits of ozone’s purifying properties with this ozonizer which emits 400mg of ozone per hour. Wipe off poisonous bacteria in air and water. Wipe off attached pesticide and toxin on the surface of vegetable, fruit and other things .Wipe off terrible smell, such as smoke and rancidness

  • Ozone for air purification also do odor deodorization and bacterial sterilization. It eliminates odours such as smoke, food, paint and pet smells from a room. Contains a stainless steel tube to prevent against anti-oxidation
  • Ozone also can reduce ammonia levels ensure a healthy disease-free environment for animal / poultry farming. It breaks down poisonous gasses such as formaldehyde and toluene.
  • Eradicates epiphyte (fungi, algae and lichen) from plants to prevent dermatophytosis (fungal infections). It also be used for sterilizing baby toys and feeding equipment.
  • The ozonizer unit is ergonomically designed and operates effectively and silently – it’s ideal for any location and situation. Made from industrial ABS plastic and it can be place on a table or floor or hang from on a wall. The ozonizer make you enjoy the benefits of fresh, pure air.It is designed for use around the home and workplace.


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