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Bed wetting enuresis alarm is for a child and adult who is bedwetting. The brain has to learn what the proper response to a full bladder is; this is where the bedwetting alarm is functional.

When the child or an adult wets, the alarm makes a shrill noise to alert the adult or the parent of the child that wetting is going on, theoretically, the person hears or feels this and learns to get out of bed and empty their urine into the toilet.

Progressively, the person learns to act in response to the feeling of a full bladder by going to the bathroom before the alarm goes off.

Adult-Baby Bedwetting Enuresis Alarms is a vital tool in the treatment of bedwetting. It is proven to be very effective; it offers a 60-80% long-term cure velocity when used correctly. This 3-in-1 alarm system is an efficient and inexpensive treatment for nocturnal enuresis, e.g. – bedwetting, without using drugs.

It is designed with highly developed features such as, microcomputer control, multi alarm modes for you to easily select, It combines music, vibration and multi-LED Light.

  • It is easy to use, one button operation to set up.
  • Has high sensitivity and accuracy, low power consumption and low battery indicator function.
  • The device also consists of an alarm unit attached to a sensor via cable connection.
  • Keeping it lightweight and easy to wear, with longest battery life.
  • Excellent results for adults or children with incontinence, nightly accidents and bladder leakage, or bedwetting children.
  • It uses 2 AA batteries (Included).
  • It includes alarm unit and removable cable.

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