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Portable Electric Air Dryer Dehumidifier

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A dehumidifier takes moisture out of the air by sucking in moist air on one side, moving that air over some ice cold tubes that causes the moisture to collect on these tubes and then drip into a bucket or tube, and pushing the dry air out the other. The dehumidifier has electronic controls for easy operation and an adjustable humidistat to help you control the humidity level in your home. It has an automatic function that switches the machine on and off depending on the humidity, hence it can be left on without wasting energy or making the air too dry.

  • Perfect for removing excess moisture from the air, as well as preventing mold, mildew and bacteria from forming.
  • A portable dehumidifier uses around the same amount of  energy as a light bulb and can help lower your heating and a/c bills.
  • Dehumidifiers are good for your health and for keeping your walls and furniture moisture free.
  • Ideal for removing moisture from the air due to humid climates or other causes, dehumidifiers let you control the air, so you can breathe freely. Air filter is removable and washable for easy maintenance.  


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