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Automatic Potato And Apple Peeler Machine

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Peeling fruits and vegetables is quick and easy.Peels potatoes, fruits and vegetables instantly at the push of a button.It is not just a potato peeler, it is a vegetable peeler, an apple peeler, and more.It’s specially designed for easy removal of potato eyes or other blemishes.The Robotized arm adjusts to every thickness, shape and textures.Two extra blades tucked in a built-in compartment.Its non-slip base holds it securely to the counter or other work surface.It comes with a little plastic knife, stored conveniently under the base.Operates with a 6V adaptor included and can also function with 4 AA batteries (not included).Peels the following foods: Potatoes, Cucumbers, Apples, Pears, Peaches, Turnips, Onions, Tomatoes, Radishes, Kiwis

  • More hygienic than manual peeling, Cleans easily with a damp, sudsy cloth
  • It stops automatically when the peeling is over and will operate cordlessly with batteries, making it “picnic portable
  • It can peel fruit skins quickly and without wasting any of the nutritious part of the fruit or vegetable


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