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Water Resistance Bark

 Effectively and humanely put an end to your dog’s excessive barking today with a Water Resistance Bark Control Collar. It allows you to customize the method of bark control that works best for your dog. Ideal for active and sporting dogs that … Readmore

Washable Indoor Pet

The Super Soft Fur bed surrounds your pet with a plush fleece interior covering padded sides. The bed is completely machine washable making it stylish and durable. Indoor pet house is perfect for cats and dogs Regardless of the season, … Readmore

Teddy Dog Bed

Pet Bed lined with super soft fleece. Ultra comfortable bed with padded bottom and sides. 100% machine washable. will cradle your best friend to sleep. Finally a pet bed that you can show off! Ultra plush poly/cotton suede-like fabric Good … Readmore

Remote Pet Training

Having dogs in the house can be pleasant on the other hand, they at times get so obstinate, biting and jumping on people, running after cars and barking. It is the ideal training equipment for dogs that have not responded … Readmore

Pet Nail Cutter

Wellbeing starts with being well groomed, our Pet Nail Cutter will help you care for and bond more with your pet.Pet Nail Cutter is an innovative tool for your dogs or cats, it quickly trims, rounds and smoothes nails with no muddle.Maintaining … Readmore

Mobile Indoor Pet

Regardless of the season, your cat or dog is definitely going to enjoy dozing off in this fantastic cute and ultra-cozy Mobile Pet Bed. Pets will truly appreciate this kind of high-end animal-oriented design Dog Bed. It is very warm, … Readmore

Laser pen


Laser pen

Professional Wireless presenter laser pen with powerful red Laser pointer integrated into a stylish metal body. Useful for pointing at any desired targets on projection screens, video monitors, presentation graphics and more.  It’s a must for professional presentations to highlight … Readmore

Cat Scratcher

The Cat Scratcher is a great way to keep cats away from furnishings; it also helps to keep your cat’s nails trimmed and neat. The Cat Scratcher is produced with the idea of two different surfaces for your cat. The … Readmore

Advanced Anti-Bark Dog

Barking is quite healthy for dogs because they express their fear and warnings, however, when they start barking needlessly it becomes a problem, however, there are other ways to put a stop to your dog from barking unnecessarily the Anti-Bark … Readmore

2pieces Dog Chew

Let your dog enjoy a durable KONG squeeze toy indoors or out. Chewing is very important for your dog’s oral and mental health. These vibrant-colored toys feature a protected, recessed squeaker that responds to your dog’s every chomp with a … Readmore

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