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Retractable Dog Leash, No Collar(16.5 Feet Long ,Max Dog Weight-33lbs.)

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he retractable dog leash is ergonomically designed with an adjustable antislip handle that allows for maximum comfort and control while training the dog. The dog leash provides good control and the retractable ropes help to keep the dog/pet distance and tension, therefore, controlling the heel and walking skills.
  • The leash is made with a smooth ergonomic grip and each leash handle is built with a heavy-duty case that help holds the tear-resistant nylon leash firmly to support dog running and training.
  • It has quick lock and unlocks features with your thumbs, and a smart locking thumb button for easy lock.
  • The hand grip is made with comfort padded handle to ensure a secure and comfortable grip for your dog.
  • The soft padded leash also gives a soft and comfortable fit for your pet’s skin.
  • The retractable leash gives great control to dogs/pets while walking, jogging, and training in the open space.
  • Suitable for any type of small, medium, and large size dogs and cats.
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