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Dog Leash With Double Mouth(Large 150-1.4cm)

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The two-way dog coupler is made of high-quality durable woven nylon and polyester fabric, with padded handle for easy training or walking. The dog leash can be used to control one or two dogs and still maintain safe control of the dogs.
  • The dog leash is designed in a 360-degree swivel clasp which allows auto adjusting when the dog crisscross with no limitation for dogs while moving around and not messing with the leash, therefore, allowing the dogs to move freely.
  •  The individual traction belt is durable and comes with good quality heavy-duty hardware and chrome design traction locks.
  • The dog coupler is safe and comfortable with the soft padded handle.
  • The soft handle helps to prevent the arm from getting hurt when the dog is pulling too hard and it still helps to maintain a strong hold on your furry companion.
  • The double dog leash is great for daily use like jogging, walking, camping, running, and hiking or when you are out for a leisure stroll in backyard activities.

  • Suitable and perfect for French bulldogs, huskies, pit bulls, teddy, labradors and so on.
  • The leash can be used for small, medium, large, and extra-large dogs.
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