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Advanced Anti-Bark Dog Control Collar

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Barking is quite healthy for dogs because they express their fear and warnings, however, when they start barking needlessly it becomes a problem, however, there are other ways to put a stop to your dog from barking unnecessarily the Anti-Bark Collar is the best alternative. This anti-bark collar safely and efficiently helps you curtail your dogs barking. The collar feels and hears your dog’s bark and gives an inert correction to stop barking. The correction level increases safely and progressively if your pet continues to bark.This Anti- Bark Collar is an advanced conduct adjustment device intended to help train your dog to stop barking. It works by sending out an ultrasonic signal that only dogs can hear when activated by the barking.

  • With Anti-Bark Collar technology, depending on your dog’s learning capability, your dog’s barking decreases over time. Bark stop collar controls dog’s excessive barking.
  • Triggered by bark vibration, the ultrasonic sound from the collar strengthens behavior and It will not trigger from other dogs barking.
  • This device is a harmless, tender and effective way to stop unnecessary barking. It has a flexible stretch collar to fit different sizes of dogs. 

Directions for useSimply adjust collar to suitable size for your dog’s neck and put it up.


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