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Cat Scratcher

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The Cat Scratcher is a great way to keep cats away from furnishings; it also helps to keep your cat’s nails trimmed and neat. The Cat Scratcher is produced with the idea of two different surfaces for your cat. The curved surface offers your cat a nice relaxing wave motion enticing cats to either scratch or lounge. The flat surface when turned over offers an exceptional stretching and scratching surface.It offers both a practical cat scratcher and lounger, along with it being designed as a piece of furniture for you and your cat’s delight.It is made of high-density heavy duty, recycled ridged cardboard and non-toxic cornstarch glue; all this combined together made it a durable and distinctive artistic design for your home.

  • Each scratcher measures approximately 18″L giving cats plenty of surfaces to scratch.
  • Cat scratcher comes in a strong and stable carton structure.
  • Perfect angle for scratching. Ideal for scratching & lounging.


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