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3pieces Air Freshener Fridge Deodorant Balls

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If you’d like your food to stay fresh and healthy for a longer period of time without making frequent trips to the market, then, the Air Freshener Deodorant Balls is the perfect choice for you. With these Refrigerator Balls, your fruits and vegetables will stay fresh for up to 3 weeks longer without getting spoilt saving your time and money.

  • Each fridge ball contains a packet of potassium minerals that will absorb these produce rotting gasses.
  • Just position the 3 fridge balls in the refrigerator and these will automatically suck up the gases released by the fresh food, preventing them from getting spoilt.
  • These fridge balls are specifically designed to save space. Also suitable for removing the odor of new house, new furniture, new paint, closet and baby room etc.


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