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Boob Breast Lift Push Up Tape(5m by 2.5cm)

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Looking for where to buy boob lift tape in Nigeria. You are in the perfect place.

The breast lift  tape is made of 95% pure cotton and 5% spandex; it is fully waterproof and absorbs sweat. The breast lift tape is made of professional-grade cloth and medical-grade glue with strong adhesive properties to prevent it from falling off while dancing, swimming, running, and exercising in the presence of sweat.

  • It holds up the breast firmly and instantly lifts the breast, hence making you look sexy and elegant.
  • The fabric is made of excellent quality safe grade adhesive to adhere to the skin.
  • The breast lift tape is suitable for A to H cups; it will help lift and push up even the heaviest breasts to achieve the boob shape you want.
  • Perfect for backless/strapless dresses, t-shirts, halter tops, wedding gowns, sports bras, and swimsuits.
  • The boob lift tape is soft, hypoallergenic, and makes you feel comfortable and skin-friendly with great adhesion and retention to hold the breast firm and not fall easily.
  • The boob push-up tape helps to lift and give the boob a natural lift look, thereby holding the breast for up to 8hrs.
  • The tape can be easily trimmed and cut to get an invisible and natural shape for all occasions, and the confidence you need. The tape serves as a perfect solution to backless/strapless tops, blouses, deep-v tops, wedding dresses, shirts, and so on.
  • There are medical-grade adhesives on the inside of the boob tape and chest stickers, which can be attached to the skin tightly and prevent accidental slippage effectively. Besides, the breathable and premium raw materials make it suitable for sweaty skin while running, excising, jogging, etc

No more issues looking for where to buy boob lift tape In Nigeria as we do fast delivery to any location in the country.


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