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Automatic Hair Braider Twister Styling Machine

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It is a new fashionable DIY hair twist braiding tool to create your hairstyle with simple few steps, completely automatically and conveniently free you from time, money, and energy wasting.

· The automatic braider is good for kids, girls, and women.
· Safe to use, the key control is convenient, making up an attractive hair braid.
· No hair injury and it has an inbuilt sensitive detection device to prevent hair from getting stuck.
· The hair braider pin rotates 360degrees, so the buttons are easy to control, while the beautiful braid is made.
· This device only takes 3 steps to make your hair braided.
Step 1: pick one strand of your hair, push the hairpin on the left upwards and put your hair into the folder, and release the button

Step 2: Turn on the switch in the middle of the device, making the hair to be twisted clockwise to the root, and turn it off after.

Step 3: Remove the hair and tie it with a hair band

· The automatic braider is powered by 2AA batteries (not included) and a USB cable that give you continuous power to twist your hair.


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