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Teeth Whitening Light

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Teeth Whitening light/gel quickly whitens teeth at home with 44% light activated gel. Studies have shown that a LED blue light application set at the exact nanometers wavelength combined with, pressure, heat, and peroxide, is the ultimate treatment in tooth whitening. Teeth Whitening light/gel is perfect for use before big days like weddings & others.

  • Whitening light/gel is simple to use and easy to maintain.
  • It’s an advanced light technology which activates the teeth whitening gel to rapidly remove surface stains and penetrates deep to remove embedded residue.
  • Gel can be kept for up to 2 years if stored in a cool place. Whitening light/gel has portable design and travel size.
  • No boiling or molding required Whitening light/gel has one size fits all-ready to use  

Package Includes:  1 x Light Transmitter 2 x Teeth Whitening Gel 1 x Advanced Dental Tray 2 x Lithium CR2025 Batteries.


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