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Tone-Adjusting Guitar Capo

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A Guitar Capo helps you play a song in whatever key with easier chords, for instance, if a song requires 3 simple chords G, C and D it will be very easy to play it.

  • You won’t appreciate the true value of a Guitar Capo that’s very easy to use until you start playing songs that have one or more modulations. That’s where this unique device becomes handy.
  • It has all the adjustability you need to avoid sharping the notes, while preventing tinkles. A simple twist of the micro-adjusting spring and the thing fits perfectly.
  • It is designed for use on 6-string electric and acoustic guitars. It’s so easy to compress, but grips tightly.
  • Features controlled tension, no buzz or string muting and it moves quickly and easily.
  • It’s a must have for instrumentalists.


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