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Automatic Center Punch

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The Automatic Aluminium Center Punch is a tool that comprises of a metallic rod with a narrowed pointed tip for making an indentation, to allow a drill to make a hole at the same spot without slipping. It is perfect for marking a range of materials. Its impact can be regulated. Its portable and un-noticeable design makes it fit securely into the pocket or an apparatus belt.

  • The Aluminium Center Punch offers a lightweight aluminium body and a toughened steel point. It provides a precise and accurate center punches to prevent drill bits from drifting.
  • Its spring impact operation makes this even more flexible, as it can be easily adjusted to accommodate both light and heavy markings.
  • This unique device with lightweight aluminium body and toughen internal components can be used for screwing holes, punching, staking and marking on woods and metals.
  • Very much recommended and a common choice for both machinists, carpenters, woodworkers and craftsmen.
  • The tool is a one-handed operated device, no hammer required. It has a definite grip and easy to handle. Comes in a shiny black finish.


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