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Skin Tag Remover Patches

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The Skin Tag Remover Patches effectively, gently and painlessly eliminate skin tags. The tag remover is absolutely safe with 100% natural ingredients. It is safe, fast and convenient to use, without any irritation to the skin. 

  • Helps dry up skin tags and they fall away. No advanced skills are needed to restore your beautiful skin.
  • This skin tag is made of natural formula ingredients such as Thuja Orientalis, tea tree oil, vitamin E, and rudbeckia that kill many kinds of bacteria that cause acne and has a strong effect so that it will disappear in time.
  • The skin tag remover fits all skin types and can be safely used for fingers, back, arms or feet armpit, neck skin, etc and results are experienced within 7-15 days
  • Perfect for both and face, applicable to normal, general, oily, dry, sensitive, mixed skin.


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