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Skin Tag and Wart Remover Liquid

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The Skin Tag Remover Patches effectively, gently and painlessly eliminate skin tags. The tag remover is absolutely safe with 100% natural ingredients. It is safe, fast and convenient to use, without any irritation to the skin. 

  • This skin tag is made of natural formula ingredients. This blend of natural ingredients will remove your tags and moles effectively without causing corrosion to your skin.
  • The skin tag remover kills many kinds of bacteria that cause acne and has a strong effect so that it will disappear in time.
  • The treatment process is easy, without any pain, and quick effect, the effect is quick, with a short and fast treatment course, and also safe, and without side effects. 
  • The skin tag remover fits all skin types and can be safely used for fingers, back, arms or feet armpit, neck skin, etc. You can finally remove unwanted skin tags and see beautiful skin.
  • Safe and Effective for skin tag remover. Remove the skin tag gently and easily with no scar on your skin.
  • It is easy to take Reejoys skin tag repair patches anywhere to use without causing inconvenience to your life.


 Soak the wart in warm water for 3-5 minutes and dry it with a towel.

  1. Wash the skin tag area with disinfectant and dry thoroughly. First, treat one small part to check for any potential allergic reaction. In case of illness, allergies, or adverse reaction, discontinue use.
  2. Gently rotate (the 50s) the product end of the skin tag remover pen to dispense the product onto the brush applicator.
  3. Apply a thin layer of product directly to the wart area 2-3 times daily. Skin tags will dry and flake away over several-week period. Do not apply the product to warts surrounding skin or mucous membranes.
  4. Expose the area for thorough drying. To prevent infection do not touch the warts, allowing it to peel off by itself until completely gone.


  1. For external use only.
  2. Not suitable for pregnant woman, breastfeeding mother or diabetic patient.
  3. First, treat one small part to check for any potential allergic reaction, if irritation occurs, discontinue use and seek medical advice.
  4. Do not use on irritated skin or on any area that is infected or reddened.
  5. Avoid contact with your normal skin. In case it happens, rinse the liquid off with clean water immediately.




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