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PY50 Rain Gun Sprinkler(40meter)

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  • The 40meterIrrigation Rain Gun is used for irrigating large areas and crops uniformly.
  • It can make your crops use nitrogen more efficiently thereby Improving seed germination.
  • It can be used in Green Pasture and Fodder irrigation. It can cover an area of around one acre when sprinkling from one point in 2/3hrs.
  • It can also be used for dust suppression in thermal power station, mines and any related operations.
  • Included is a pump set and high-pressure pipe which helps in controlling dust.
  • It saves labor and time. This can significantly boost your efficiency and productivity.
  • Has an adjustable jet breaker that allows small drops and impact adjustment facility for fragile crops.
  • Has low or no maintenance cost and allows all year farming.
  • Portable, easy to use and carry around.
  • Especially designed for Cucumber, Lettuce, Cabbage, Green pepper, Yellow Pepper, Carrot, Golden melon, Water melon, Plantain, Banana, Coffee, Maize, Corn, Wheat, etc.


  1. Model PY50
  2. Aluminum + brass core
  3. Coverage – 40meter
  4. Connector size (inches) – 2.5″
  5. Pressure  –  4-6 bar
  6.   Flow rate  –  30-35 m³/h
  7. Can be adjusted to 180° and 360°


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