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PY30 Irrigation Rain Gun Sprinkler(25 Meter)

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  • The Irrigation Spray Gun has a dual rocker arm, the vertical rocker arm is furnished with a  two-way deflector, through which water flows in different directions so as to achieve positive and negative rotation.
  • The spray distance which is 0 ° -360 ° can be adjusted.The injecting process is totally automated without human intervention.
  • The rotating mechanism of the spray gun is a unique flat bearing type with a brake friction pair for a smooth control of the gun rotation speed.
  • No need for lubrication before/during use, it is greatly flexible and can spray at low water pressure thereby reducing energy costs.
  • Highly suitable for water-saving irrigation, pasture irrigation,landscaping,industrial and agricultural drainage, etc.
  • Very easy to use, simply connect with water hose.
  • It is durable and easy to carry around.


  1. Model PY30
  2. Aluminum + brass core
  3. Coverage – 22-25meter
  4. Connector size (inches) – 1,5″
  5. Pressure  – 3-5 bar
  6. Flow rate  –  7-9 m³/h
  7. Can be adjusted to 180° and 360°
  8. One Acre Sprinkler Irrigation System.


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