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Portable Chicken Feather Plucking Machine

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Poultry Defeathering Machine is the easiest way to depilate poultry after slaughtering. Manufactured with materials that is safe and conforms to food health requirement. Our Chicken feather Plucking Machine is very suitable for use in the kitchen, hotel, restaurant, poultry processing outlets, mini factory and shop use etc.

  • Specially designed with high working efficiency and low power consumption.
  • It is very easy to operate and it reduces the need for manpower thereby saving time.
  •  It is also convenient for camping as it works fast with high density plucking rubber fingers
  • Made of stainless steel liner, simple, stylish and easy to clean after use. Convenient, safe, durable and user/pocket friendly.

How to Use

  • Slaughter the poultry to be depilated
  • Soak in hot water for 2minutes after which you put it into the machine.
  • Connect the device to power and press the switch button and leave for 20-30secs, if the hair is not completely removed you can continue.
  • After use, wash the built-in disc and dry for longevity.


It is recommended that you observe the process so as to control the depilating in a timely manner to prevent unnecessary prolonged hair removal process.


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