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Chili&Ginger Stubborn Fat Slimming&Anti-Cellulite Cream(200g)

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Cellulite is the lumpy substance of toxins and fat formed by disorder in metabolism Slimming Hot Gel helps remove cellulite and reshape your dimpling body into smooth curve.  

  • With the exclusively ginger and chilli activated feature, it can permeate into your deep skin quickly, activating the entrails function and promote skin metabolism.
  • It also helps in burning and decomposing the excess fat, it opens the pores to sweating for emitting and reducing the excess fat and toxin quickly, so as to slim down quickly and easily.
  • It is a safe and fast slimming formula free of any side effect

 Directions for use

After bathing, apply to the desired areas both morning and night.

Massage in upward lifting circular movement for about 5-15 minutes to affected body contours.

For quick result, its recommended to exercise alongside


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