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Paint Spray Gun

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The mini spray gun is a spray gun that is specially designed for painting and for inflatable and gravity applications. Airbrush is a precision instrument that can produce very fine lines and smooth gradient effect. This spray is capable of generating a maximum operating pressure ranging from 1 to 2 bars and an optimum pressure of 15/45 PSI.  With a simple trigger for air and paint control, this side feed airbrush is particularly suitable for general purpose hobby/model work.This section Airbrush available in a variety of small mutual use of pneumatic tools and fine painting, painting Car, wall painting, beauty nail painting, airbrush tattoos, crafts, model making, cake, mobile surface paint repair, ceramic resin decoration, all types of spraying syrup, spray graph of clothing and other industries.

  • This airbrush works perfectly with water colors, acrylics and enamels. Not suitable for use with solvent based paints.
  • Easy open magazine latch for fast loading by one hand. Dual action trigger design allows users to determine the quantity of air and fluid released.
  • Large diameter thread nozzles, much less prone to clogging, improved atomization, better spray effect, adjust the thickness is most evident   Perfect for the beginner or advanced artists


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