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0.8Mm/1.0Mm 250ml Mini Paint Spray Guns Airbrush With Filter

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This mini spray gun is made of stainless steel to provide the finest atomization to your painting with a perfect finish. The sprayer has high volume pressure and excellent spraying efficiency, to save paints and protect the environment from leakage.

  • The sprayer air cap is made of brass, to ensure a longer lifetime.
  • The ergonomic design of the nickel-plated spray gun body is refinished with a special coating and carefully polished with less cleaning energy.
  • The spray gun has 3 built-in control knobs, the fluids control to regulate the amount of paint sprayed, pattern control to adjust the fan pattern size, and the aid adjustment valve which provides versatility to adjust airflow.
  • The gun brush is a multipurpose precision airbrush with a 1.4mm or 1.7mm steel fluid needle, nozzle and corrosion resistance.
  • The spray gun is widely used in an industrial products paint coating, furniture painting, wall painting, car paint, and factory spray paint.
  • The large Capacity of a 600ml feed cup can meet different needs to give effective spraying.


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