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Mini 2Pins LCD Wood ,Bamboo ,Cotton,Grains Moisture Tester

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High quality moisture meter equipped with 2 steel pins for accurate moisture measurement. Moisture meter is a miniature intelligent wood moisture meter adopting pin contact mode, suitable for measuring water content in wooden fiber articles such as wood, bamboo object, cotton, tobacco, paper, etc.Moisture meter has data hold function and can also hold value. Moisture meter has a digital large size LCD display.

  • It has high resolution with quick response. It has wide detecting range from 5% to 40% moisture level.
  • Low battery indicator function by displaying sign “- + “on the screen which indicates the battery voltage is low and need replacement.


Size: 85mm*40mm*16mm. Weight: 35g. Measuring Range: 5%~40%. Resolution: 1%. Accuracy: ±1 Battery: 23A 12V Battery 1 piece (Battery Included).Dimensions: 126 x 70 x 29mm (LWH). Length of Probe: 0.6cm.Operation Ambient: -15~35℃,20%~90%RH 


    Moisture meter should not be used to measure any charged objects lest the meter might get damaged In the event that the meter is left unused for a long time, remove the battery so as to avoid the damage of the meter due to leakage or other reasons. Do not aim the detecting head for measurement towards any person or animal to avoid injury.


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