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Non-Invasive Inductive Moisture

Detect Moisture of different hard materials like drywall, masonry, softwood, hardwood etc. It give audio alarm if reading is out of range. Moisture display result is displayed on LCD and LED bars. Measure moisture without damaging the surface. Ideal use … Readmore

Mini 2Pins LCD

High quality moisture meter equipped with 2 steel pins for accurate moisture measurement. Moisture meter is a miniature intelligent wood moisture meter adopting pin contact mode, suitable for measuring water content in wooden fiber articles such as wood, bamboo object, … Readmore

Garden Soil Moisture

A multi functional device for measuring soil moisture, PH and light meter Outdoor/Indoor use and no batteries needed Moisture Sensor lets you know the humidity of the soil. It has 8 inch metal stem for penetrating to root level Simply … Readmore

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