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Micro SIM Card Cutter With 3 SIM Adapter

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Easily and accurately cut a standard SIM card into micro SIM card. Cutter is made of high quality steel. Cutter comes with 3 free sets of Nano SIM, Micro SIM & SIM card adapters to adapt from Nano to micro/Nano to standard, and micro to standard. Professionally cut your regular sized SIM card or micro SIM to the New Nano SIM for iPhone 5. Easy and accurate operation.

  • Cut your regular SIM to use with latest NANO size and use adapter to use the NANO SIM back in other devices.
  • Cutter core adopts the wire cutting technology to ensure the high precision; it can handle thousands of cuts without any deformation.
  • Simply insert the SIM card into the cutter and press down.

NOTE: Please check cutter handle for clearance space before you cut your SIM card. Match the SIM card with the cutting hole before proceed to avoid the damage to the SIM card.



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