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Insomnia Therapeutic Instrument

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This insomnia treatment instrument adopts the pure physical therapy without relying on medication. It improves the abnormal brain wave and significantly enhances α wave activity. Decrease the secretion of stress hormone, noradrenaline, etc. and regulate the nervous system. Insomnia treatment instrument is the new non-drug method, which is safe, green, and environmental.

  • Insomnia treatment instrument is easy to use, just fix the ear clip on the ears and It promote the secretion of B-endorphin, 5-HT, γ-amino butyric acid, etc.
  • It changes all kinds of physiological signals, including heart rate, blood pressure, and so on.
  • Insomnia treatment instrument improve the inordinate brain wave and help to restore a natural deep sleep.
  • The instrument also balances the δ wave frequency and applies the current through the ear clip electrodes to stimulate the brain. This method is both safe and efficient. 


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