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Electric Wrinkle Eraser /Anti-aging Pen

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The Wrinkle Eraser is a system for reducing wrinkles on human skin by utilizing an electrode to conduct a micro current through the surface of the wrinkle into the underlying dermal layer. It improves skin elasticity, minimizes crow’s feet, and combats dark circles beneath the eyes. Lightens the darkness around the eyes and slows down the effects of aging.

  • Built with the latest technology, this pen re-energizes skin cells, increases metabolic rate and micro-circulation, and delivers wave energy into the dermal layer for youthful and fresh results.
  • It has strength conditions adjust options of High, Medium and Low wave energy with indication light.
  • It reduces eye pouches and dark circles Smart pen appearance, very fashionable and convenient to carry with ergonomic design for different age.

 Wave Energy Level and their corresponding age group Bionic– high wave: 45 year-old or above  .Bionic medium wave: 30-45 year-old  .Bionic low wave: 30 year-old or below  


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