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3 Balls Incentive Spirometer Breathing Exerciser

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INCENTIVE SPIROMETER: The Lung Exerciser, also known as the 3-ball Respiratory Exerciser or 3-ball spirometer, serves as a vital tool for both adults and children aiming to fortify their respiratory muscles and enhance lung volume. This device plays a significant role in bolstering the respiratory system.

BENEFITS FOR LUNGS: Functioning akin to a workout apparatus for your lungs, the spirometer aids in maintaining lung strength or facilitating recuperation post-injury or illness. Following surgery, the incentive spirometer contributes to enhancing lung ventilation.

BENEFITS: Regular utilization of the spirometer can lead to an overall improvement in lung function, thereby augmenting the intake of oxygen into the lungs and consequently elevating oxygen levels within the body. Moreover, it assists patients in effectively clearing mucus from their lungs.

HOW TO USE: Position the device at mouth level, exhale normally before inhaling deeply. Inhale thoroughly until all three balls are elevated (if possible), then maintain the inspiration for as long as feasible. Subsequently, remove the mouthpiece and exhale. Repeat the process as needed.

WHEN TO USE: Primarily employed post-medical procedures, the incentive spirometer finds widespread usage following surgeries involving the lungs or cardiac region. It is particularly prescribed for patients enduring prolonged periods under anesthesia or bed rest, irrespective of the nature of the procedure undergone.

Durable, high-grade plastic ensures resilience, while its compact design offers portability. The 3-ball inhaling breath measurement system guarantees accuracy. Sturdy construction eliminates shaking, with a removable bottom facilitating easy cleaning. Designed as a Deep Breathing Exerciser, it features three chambers catering to varied inhalation rates, ranging from 600cc/sec to 1200cc/sec. This device aids in maximizing lung capacity and reinstating normal breathing rhythms, promoting comprehensive respiratory fitness.

  1. Encourages Deep Breathing
  2. Simple and User-Friendly
  3. Visual Cue with Color-Coded Balls
  4. Effortless Airflow Rate Scoring
  5. Promotes Deep Breaths with Color-Coded Balls
  6. Reduces Post-Operative Respiratory Complications through Exercise Drug-Free Respiratory Therapy Option

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