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Counterfeit Money detection pen with laser pointer

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5-in-1 Red laser pointer, white LED light, black ball pen,UV Money Detector. This pen is a highly effective and inexpensive tool for detecting bad bills and deterring counterfeiters. The quick and easy way to detect counterfeit currency and prevent fraud LED Flashlight: With flexible goose neck to meet your angle requirement.

  • These pens are known across many industries for reliable detection and contain special formulated ink which indicates a yellow mark on genuine bills, and a dark mark on counterfeits.
  • These antimicrobial protected pens also help prevent bacteria and fungus from developing on the surface of the pen .
  • Ideal for Bars and Restaurants, offices and banks.
  • Press button for red laser beam or LED light Always use the laser red light with caution, and avoid direct contact with the eye.  


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